Course Name: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

Course Code: ADA

July - December; Odd Semester

For M.Tech.(I.T.) - 1st Semester

Jointly Offered With: Dr. Triloki Pant

News & Updates:-


Topics for Coverage


Unit 1

Unit 3

Unit 4


Graphs: Representation and Traversal
Graph Algorithms : All source shortest paths,

Transitive closure
Max-flow - Min-Cut

Sets and Their representations
Operations on Sets
Strings : Representation and opertions
Compression and Encoding

Component 2

Component 1

Binary Trees and Search Trees
Scapegoat Trees
Red-Black Trees

Unit 2

Introduction to Data Structures
Introduction to Computing complexity of operations on data structures
Linear Data Structures : Stacks, Queues, Circular Queues
Array-Based and LinkedList based represenation

Book References:-

  1. Data Structures Using C and C++ by Yedidyah Langsam, Moshe J. Augenstein and Aaron M. Tenenbaum, Pearson

  2. Introduction to Algorithms (Ed 3) by TH Cormen, CE Leiserson, RL Rivest and C Stein, MIT Press

  3. Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs by Niklaus Wirth, PHI Learning

Grading Policy:-

  • C1 (30%); C2 (30%); C3 (40%)

  • Division of C1:-

    • LAB (50%)

      • All LAB Assignments (70%)

      • LAB Review Test (25%)

      • LAB Attendance (5%)

    • Theory (50%)

      • All Tutorial Assignments (70%)

      • Review Test (25%)

      • Attendance (Tut. + Theory) (5%)

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, india

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